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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Instant Healthy Fruit Icecream

Thought that I had better pop this in here to go along side the more decadent feijoa icecream recipe.
This a brilliant super simple fruit icecream & can be made with almost anything that takes your fancy.
The original version came from Leche League 25 years ago & is quite simply just made with frozen bananas. The best banana to use is a cheap one (like the $2 for 2kgs.. bags that I get at New World from time to time) & will make the best flavoured icecream when they are at about this stage or slightly riper.
It is easiest to peel & slice the bananas & pop them in to the freezer when ever it suits you..rather than peeling them after freezing. They will be fine for a week or 2 even like this but then the flavour begins to fade.
 When you are ready to make your icecream put the frozen bananas in to the food processor, breaking them up a bit as you go if necessary so that they are not just one big lump!
pulse & stop to mix & pulse again... until the whole thing begins to come together & starts to look thick & smooth like snow freeze. (it does make a bit of a racket at first so not the best for a dinner party but highly entertaining for grandsons!) Quite suddenly it goes all white & very smooth...perfect! Eat immediately. 
You may have to make this in batches if you're making lots of it.
Brilliant for those with dairy intolerance & naturally sweet.

Update: 2014
Bananas (as above) add 1/2 cup-1 cup yoghurt or milk kefir
&/or cream
1tbsp honey & 1 tsp  (real)vanilla essence

The second version that I make through the summer is made in exactly the same way but with frozen berries. Just the berries is fine but you can also add honey, Greek yoghurt or a little thick coconut cream to the mix if you like.
I have used raspberries from my garden for this version & some black doris plums

 so simple & simply delicious

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