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Saturday, January 17, 2015

Preserved Lemon Chutney

This is the most deliciously simple preserved lemon chutney that is so much tastier than classic Moroccan salted lemons. I always intend to use the salty lemons since I love lemony flavours & they fascinate me, but somehow I never quite get around to using them.
But this...the first jar was gone in 2 days!
I was inspired to invent this particular chutney after seeing this recipe for perpetual lemon pickle here.
I thought...why not grate the whole lemon...
& so that's exactly what I did.
Grate 4 washed & spray free lemons 
 Add cinnamon, 2 tsps good salt, ground black pepper, 2-3 tbsp of honey & 1/2 cup of golden raisins.
Add the juice of one more lemon.
 Mix altogether.
 Spoon in to a clean dry jar & sit on the bench for a week to 10 days to do it's thing.
Stir occasionally, tasting as you go to check the balance of sweet & salty.
Wonderful addition to sauces & dressings.
Fabulous with fish or falafel.
I'm sure it'll go with so many other things too.
Also very useful for upset tummies & not at all difficult to eat a spoonful if you're feeling a little poorly. Excellent for aiding digestion too. A wonderful Ayurvedic wisdom.
Of course you can alter the quantities & spices according to what you have & what takes your fancy.
I imagine this will age wonderfully & keep for ages. No need to refrigerate.

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