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Monday, January 11, 2016

Cultured Veges

Cultured foods are life giving, life changing staples in our house these days.
Variations of sauerkraut are made here on a regular basis & once matured last for a really long time if not gobbled up.
Sometimes I make a large bowl full, other times just a small jar.
Each batch has it's own character.
Our favourite basic combination is grated/sliced red cabbage, beets of some kind (the pink one is choggia) peppers, (any & all colours) fresh ginger, turmeric, garlic & sometimes a little chilli too.

Once all the veggies are prepared & in a nice large bowl add a good tbsp of real salt....moist sea salt, celtic or himalayan. Lots of ground black pepper. Some coriander seeds if you like & anything else that appeals to you at the time. 

I like to mix the whole thing altogether with my hands to get everything well distributed & the juices running in the veges.
Then cover & leave a few hours or overnight to soften up.
Next, spoon in to large (or small!).
 agee jars pushing it all down as you go.
Lastly, top up with clean water (unflouridated by choice)
Sometimes I add a sachet of Mad Millies or other cultured vege starter to maximise the vitamin k2 component, other times I just make it as is.
Press down some more to release any air bubbles, put on a lid tightly & leave on the bench where you can keep an eye on things
Very soon all will start to bubble & burp & overflow so pop a don't-care-if-it-stains-dish underneath it for the week. Check every so often & push it all down in to the liquid from time to time.
If necessary top up with more water & a little more salt.
After about a week it'll all calm down & start to taste & smell good.
In the next week it'll be great. 
Generally I keep my ferment in the fridge about now.
This method works just fine for me so I don't bother with air locks & fussing.
Probably don't use a metal lid though.
I bought some really good white plastic ones on Trade Me that fit the old agee jars.

Here's another combination that had carrots & celery in it.
Keeps for ages & tastes better & better as it matures.

I'll add some more pictures next time I make some more.
Why eat cultured foods?
Because: "If your gut is not healthy, you are not healthy. Period. Our immune system is rooted in our gut, and if it gets out of whack, it leads to a cascade of things that can create to impaired health and chronic illness. In addition, research is proving that there is a direct link between gut health and mental health indicating that those suffering from depression, anxiety, and other mental health disorders may have poor gut health. If we work to heal the gut, we can correct many of these conditions."
Quote from Delicious Obsessions
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