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Friday, December 31, 2010

Roasting Coffee

There is nothing in all the world like freshly home-roasted coffee. There is also no way to describe the smell involved in roasting coffee unless you have been involved in the process before. It is not that wonderful coffee smell you think it will be. That comes later. Roasting coffee beans produces pungent "burnt toast" fumes best confined to the garage or other out- house...definitely not for the regular urban kitchen setting. 
Otherwise know as the "C lab": 
Simple process really, refined from information found via Begin with a good supply of green coffee beans, like these:
I use a popcorn maker and heat them til they look like this.
Quite a lot of husk will come off the beans as they heat up.
While they are still warm, pan roast the beans over high heat, keeping the lid on most of the time, shaking around frequently & spraying with a fine mist of water from time to time so that the beans don't become too dry.
 (this photo was taken before my 'C' lab was exiled to the garage)
Here are the 3 stages.
Roast til they look like this.

Now it starts to smell good. Just like coffee should!
Cool and store in a fabulous coffee jar for 24 hours before making the first brew.
Grind fairly finely.
Expresso style!

Cheers Rob

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  1. mmmmmmmm smells good over here! :o)

    i am having an explore of your blogs, happy to stop here for a while in your gorgeous kitchen. definitely my kind of kitchen :o)


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