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Other useful things to know about in a vintage kitchen

Cleaning silver...... is so simple with this method.
Even just a couple of spoons can be cleaned up in a jiffy.
Choose a container to suit your item..china or enamel is
best as this is a chemical reaction thing.
Lay some tin foil at the bottom of the container
then the items to be cleaned on top of the foil
sprinkle a tablespoon of baking soda over them
then pour over boiling water
a special reaction will immediately take place
it should bubble & hiss & there will be a funny smell
 & all the tarnish will begin to dissolve off the silverware
just like magic
leave for around 2 minutes 
turn over a couple of times using tongs
if your fizz runs out just add some more baking soda 
& boiling water

rinse off in warm water 
dry then polish with a soft cloth
done!! so simple!
kids love helping with this & it is so quick to do
even just damp baking soda rubbed over an item 
will sometimes be enough to clean silverware
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