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Thursday, January 29, 2015

Amazing Overnight Museli

Decades ago I remember reading about Dr Bircher's special muesli & I learned to make it & love it.
This version is very similar but even better than the original.
Soaked overnight, it becomes so marvellously delicious & digestible.
It can be made in any quantity: small jars or large & is fantastic to take with you if you're travelling.
The balance of ingredients & quantites are entirely up to you, your preferences & what you have available.
In to my jar I put:
1-1 1/2 cups of rolled oats
1/2 cup of chia seeds
4 or 5 chopped dried figs
1/2 cup chopped prunes
2 tbsps of goji berries
1- 2 tbsp of liquid honey
1 tsp vanilla extract
a sprinkling of cinnamon
Mix all together, then add
1 (or more) cup of yoghurt or kefir
1/2 cup of cream or whole milk
Stir again. Pop on the lid & in to the fridge.
It will all thicken up overnight & be amazing in the morning.
If making a small jar full just adjust the amounts accordingly.
We especially like chopped bananas &/or strawberries added in to this mixture.
Even better add some fermented fruit in the morning.
The best thing we've discovered since...well, Bircher muesli!
Serve with more fruit if you like.

A note about kefir...
Most people use kefir "grains" to make milk kefir, a wonderful ferment a little like yoghurt but so much better for you & your gut health. I personally prefer using a kefir starter powder & from there I can make at least a dozen jars consecutively from there. I find this kefir smooth, mild & silky & all you have to do is mix 2 tbsps of the last batch into the next jar of room temperature milk, stir, cover & sit on the bench for 48 hours. Once set refrigerate.
Nothing could be simpler! 

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Preserved Lemon Chutney

This is the most deliciously simple preserved lemon chutney that is so much tastier than classic Moroccan salted lemons. I always intend to use the salty lemons since I love lemony flavours & they fascinate me, but somehow I never quite get around to using them.
But this...the first jar was gone in 2 days!
I was inspired to invent this particular chutney after seeing this recipe for perpetual lemon pickle here.
I thought...why not grate the whole lemon...
& so that's exactly what I did.
Grate 4 washed & spray free lemons 
 Add cinnamon, 2 tsps good salt, ground black pepper, 2-3 tbsp of honey & 1/2 cup of golden raisins.
Add the juice of one more lemon.
 Mix altogether.
 Spoon in to a clean dry jar & sit on the bench for a week to 10 days to do it's thing.
Stir occasionally, tasting as you go to check the balance of sweet & salty.
Wonderful addition to sauces & dressings.
Fabulous with fish or falafel.
I'm sure it'll go with so many other things too.
Also very useful for upset tummies & not at all difficult to eat a spoonful if you're feeling a little poorly. Excellent for aiding digestion too. A wonderful Ayurvedic wisdom.
Of course you can alter the quantities & spices according to what you have & what takes your fancy.
I imagine this will age wonderfully & keep for ages. No need to refrigerate.
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