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Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Dreamy Fig Ice-cream

Fresh figs truly make the best ice-cream & it's really, really simple to make.
Being such a fragile fruit they often go off quicker than we can use them or they ripen all in a rush.
So...firstly- they freeze really well & can be slow baked any time of the year from frozen.
Secondly, the fresh fruit slow bakes so beautifully- just uses as is of all, turn those succulent baked figs in to the most delicious ice-cream you've ever tasted.

So many different varieties & colours in the fig world.
They can be simmered in a pot..
you can find the recipe for simmered figs just here.
Or, you can spread them in a baking dish & bake them for an hour- an hour & a half on 120-130 C until they look much like this...

Each time I bake figs they come out a little different but always so delicious.
So here's the basic recipe for the ice-cream:
Slow bake as many figs as you have to work with.
Cool- blend with a hand mixer or in a small processor, bullet etc until fairly smooth.
The balance is 1/2 & 1/2 to get the texture of the ice-cream just right.
1 cup of baked fig pulp to 1 c of whipped cream
To the cream add 1 tsp of vanilla essence & either honey or maple syrup to taste.
To a 2 cup ice-cream I would probably add a tbsp of honey/maple syrup.
But taste it & see what you think.
No, no don't eat it all- it needs to go in the freezer first!
Ginger is a nice edition on occasion.
Freeze in a flatfish dish with a lid.
Serves perfectly, straight from the freezer & really doesn't require much else.
Just that simple.
Love Katie x

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